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17th October 2014

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For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.
— Great Carl Sagan quote used at the end of episode 2 of Brian Cox’s ‘Human Universe’ television series.

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9th October 2014


Julee Cruise - Into The Night →


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3rd October 2014


FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes →

Tonight’s music from another kitchen… cooking spicy potato wedges with FC Kahuna for company…

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1st October 2014


Blur - The Universal →

Not such a guilty pleasure of mine…

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30th September 2014

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What Went Before.
Photography as painting.

What Went Before.

Photography as painting.

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28th September 2014


Being In The World (Documentary) [Video] →

For the philosophically minded, Being in the World is a 2010 documentary film directed by Tao Ruspoli. The film is based on Martin Heidegger's philosophy and is inspired by Hubert Dreyfus. It features a number of prominent philosophers.

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27th September 2014


William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Aurora Liminalis →

I think I might play this loud at say 3am and make my next door neighbours think they’ve woken up in Hell…

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18th September 2014


Last flourish before Fall.

Last flourish before Fall.

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11th September 2014

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When Apollo 11 had soared away from Cape Kennedy I had kept my fingers crossed. I wanted man to succeed in making it to the Moon. If it couldn’t be me, let it be this crew, I thought, with what we in Russia call “white envy” — envy mixed with admiration. I was envious that America had asked a great deal of the crew of Apollo 11 and that here they were, accomplishing what was expected of them. But I was full of admiration, too, for what they were doing.

As I watched the grainy black-and-white images of Neil Armstrong taking his first tentative steps down the ladder of the lunar lander, it was the most amazing feeling. I held my breath as he touched the lunar soil very lightly with the tip of one foot before lifting his other foot away form the limb foot pad and letting go his grip of the flimsy metal ladder to stand full square on the surface of the Moon.

Only two live television broadcasts have ever made such an impact on me: Apollo 11’s lunar landing and, more recently, the terrible events of 11 September 2001, when we saw so many people dying before our eyes in the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

The first showed the best of mankind. It was a celebration of the strength of human intelligence and courage. The second showed the depth of evil to which man can sink. I feel, very deeply, that had the men responsible for the second act witnessed the first - an American citizen taking the first steps on the surface of the Moon - they never would have dared to carry out such evil.

On the morning of 21 July 1969 everyone forgot, for a few moments, that we were all citizens of different countries on Earth. That moment really united the human race. Even in the military center where I stood, where military men were observing the achievements of our rival superpower, there was loud applause.

-Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, from Two Sides of the Moon

so well said

I’m of the same mind as Leonov. The Apollo program and space research made a huge impression on me. I wish we had such a grand adventure to celebrate today.

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7th September 2014

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58 orbits around the Sun and I’m here.

58 orbits around the Sun and I’m here.

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